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The rules and customs for tenants are on the notice board in the reception area. They are an integral part of the rental lease you have signed. We herewith point out some particular rules based on our experience:

It is forbidden to spread out or hang laundry or other objects out of the windows. Objects placed on the balcony must not exceed the ledges (well tended plants excepted). Stoves, kettles, toasters must not be used outside the kitchens. Meals must not be prepared in the furnished rooms. It is prohibited to make a fire (grilling, barbecue, etc.) on the balconies and terraces.

Electric radiators are prohibited.

The presence of and/or keeping of animals is prohibited.

The buildings are non-smoking. Ash trays are placed on the balconies and around the buildings. Pay attention to the floor coverings: fire and ashes damage it severely. The smoker is responsible for any damage caused.

The tenants have to pay attention not to voluntarily or involuntarily trigger the fire alarms in the buildings. The interventions of the fire brigade will be invoiced to the responsible person(s) for triggering the alarm. The tenants voluntarily damaging the fire extinguishers or other security equipment will be charged with the costs for their replacement and their lease will be terminated.

Every tenant leaving his room / studio must pay attention to lock his door. The ventilation systems of the windows and the windows have to be closed. In the absence of the tenant, even for a short time (laundry, visits to neighbours), he must lock his apartment door. The Cooperative declines all responsibility in case of thefts. The room key is exclusively for the use of the tenant and must not be handed to third parties under any circumstances.

The use of the kitchens and laundries is exclusively reserved for the tenants of the building. Any damage caused to common areas (kitchens, stair wells, living rooms, laundries) and the surroundings of the buildings will be invoiced to all the tenants having use of them, unless the guilty party or parties denounces himself. The caretaker may temporarily prohibit the usage of the laundry in case of repeated damage to these premises.



The corridors of the buildings are escape routes in case of a fire alarm. No furniture or materials must be pisposed in them. The evacuation plan has prime consideration. The consumption and/or possession of drugs are strictly prohibited. Any tenant in contravention of this will have his lease terminated. Excessive consumption of alcohol will have the same consequences.

In case of any disagreement between the caretaker and the students, the latter may appeal to the agency and then to the administration of the Cooperative.



The non-respecting of the present regulations and rules of behaviour towards neighbours, the caretaker, the agency, damages to the furniture, equipment and any other installations available on site will lead to a formal complaint. Without an immediate rectification, the agency can terminate the lease giving a notice of only a few days. These internal regulations have been approved by the operating committee in its session of April 16, 2013. They come into force immediately.