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You will receive a student card of the CAMIPRO type.

Once it is programmed, your card enables access to the building of your lodging and to the parking space, if you have rented one.

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The cooperative has the following collective insurances:

Private civil liability insurance (RC) for all tenants of studios and rooms, the premium is included in the lease.

Insurance for personal effects against fire and natural elements: Compulsory in the Canton of Vaud with the ECA. The Cooperative has concluded a collective insurance in the amount of CHF 15'000.- per tenant. The premium is included in the lease. A tenant requiring an additional cover contacts the ECA directly: the caretaker has notification forms:

Insurance of the furniture against fire and natural elements: The Cooperative has concluded the insurance directly.

All other insurances have to be concluded by the tenant, for more information, please consult the EPFL housing website.

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there is a laundry equipped with washing machines and dryers in the basement of the building.

The management has not foreseen a laundry plan and therefore counts on the good will of all.

After every use of the laundry, the tenant has to ensure that all the machines, filters and  floor are clean and that no object (detergent box, dry laundry, etc.) has been left behind.

Any breakdown or failure has to be notified to the caretaker immediately.



Every apartment and studio disposes of a cellar. The furnished rooms also, except for the rooms in shared floors, which dispose of one common cellar. The cellars have the same number as your apartment and are located in the basement.

The cellar is available free of charge and the tenants are obliged to remove their belongings, to clear up and clean it upon departure. In no case must the cellar be treated as a depot for the furniture of a departing tenant!



Please refer to the website of the town of St-Sulpice and to the population services of the Canton of Vaud. Within 7 days after your arrival you have to present yourself in person to the town administration in order to be registered. The same is applicable on your departure.

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It is possible that there is a damage or defect in your lodging, in the common areas, in the underground parking or in the surroundings of the buildings.

We ask the responsible person of the damage to immediately notify the caretaker so that he can immediately undertake the necessary measures. Small defects are to be repaired directly with the caretaker.

The tenant is responsible for the rented lodgings and the installations made available to him. The same applies to visitors.



The electricity costs of the buildings, of the common installations and of the lodgements are included in the all-inclusive charges.



The waste management is everybody's responsibility. EPFL is particularly sensitive about this question. The cooperative follows the same line.

The concept of waste management is posted in the reception area. Every tenant upon his arrival has to familiarize himself with it.



A professional caretaker manages the reception, the information, the maintenance and the general surveillance of the buildings. He is available in the reception area of building A, Route Cantonale 39. His office hours and his phone number are also indicated.



Every room, studio and apartment has an internet access. The cost is included in the utilities of the rent. Every tenant has to respect the charter for the utilisation of the internet.



Outside every building there are specified spaces for bicycles. It is not possible to park them elsewhere (in the hall of the building, the passages or the rooms, for example).



In case your key is lost or stolen, the agency has to order a replacement key for you. The cost will be charged on you. For security reasons, the respective cylinders have to be replaced (cellars, mail boxes).



Every lodgement has a connection socket to the analogue network via Cablecom. The subscription charges and the authors' copyright are included in the rent utilities. The payment of the TV and radio tax, called Billag, is reserved. Every tenant using a TV or radio set has to register with Billag.

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The caretaker will hand you over the key to your lodgings at the end of the entry inspection. This is a protected key, which also opens your mail box, your cellar, the laundry and the shared kitchen.

For security and emergency reasons, the caretaker has a general pass enabling access to all apartments.



Every lodgement is equipped with a telephone socket. Those tenants wanting a telephone subscription have to directly contact an operator for establishing one.



There are four parking spaces outside for visitors.



There is a large private underground parking. The tenants can rent a parking space for their car through the agency.