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Rental conditions


The leaseholder is the contractual partner – the person who signs the lease and commits him/herself to accept all its terms and consequences, the most important of which is to pay the rent.

The leaseholder must be:

A person with civil capacity with sufficient income to cover the rent.


If a student meets the personal requirements but not all the solvency requirements to a leaseholder, he/she may occupy the accommodation while a third party (often a relative) assumes contractual liability.

Foreign student:

If the student has neither a domicile in Switzerland nor a reference person in Switzerland to act as the leaseholder, he/she will be asked to provide an additional guarantee in addition to the foreigner guarantor. The student should deposit two months of rent in advance plus his/her first month of rent. This deposit will be refunded upon departure if all rental conditions have been met.

Paying the rent:

If you are in Switzerland, please use the orange pay-in slip you were given with the lease to pay:

  • Cash at the Post office

  • By bank transfer

  • On Internet (ebanking)

From abroad, please credit the account below :

Bank : Banque Cantonale Vaudoise - IBAN : CH90 0076 7000 L535 8705 2 - BIC : BCVLCH2LXXX

Beneficiary :                                                 

Coopérative d'habitation Les Estudiantines                                            

Avenue de la Gare 29                          

1003 Lausanne           


For payments from abroad and/or by bank transfer, please specify that all transfer and foreign exchange costs are to be borne by you (including those of the Swiss bank making the transfer). Administrative charges may apply to inaccurate payments.

Contract validity:

The lease only enters into force once all of these personal and material requirements have been met:

  1. Being registered with a university/college of higher education

Rental applications by EPFL affiliated people, identified as such by a student card, registration (or pre-registration) certificate or other evidence connecting them to EPFL, shall be given priority.

  1. Signing of the lease

The lease has been signed by the leaseholder and the occupant and been sent back to the agency.

  1. Guarantee deposit

The exact guarantee amount has been paid

  1. Payment of the first rent

The exact amount of the rent has been paid

Keys handed over:

By the caretaker, upon appointment, at the residence welcome desk, provided all requirements have been fulfilled.

Entry and exit inspections:

By the caretaker, upon appointment, when handing over the keys.

Residents’ Office (“Contrôle des habitants”) :

You are required to notify your arrival and departure to the Residents’ Office of St-Sulpice within 7 days after your arrival in Switzerland, and upon departure when leaving Switzerland, by reporting there in person.

House Rules:

The house rules are handed to you with the lease, posted at the residence welcome desk and available online. In signing the lease, both the leaseholder and the occupant state that they are aware of these rules and that they commit themselves to abide by them unconditionally.

Housing allocation:

The rooms and studios are primarily allocated for EPFL bachelor and master students. Apartments from 2.5 to 4.5 rooms cannot be rented as a flatshare and will be primarily allocated to any person affiliated with the EPFL.



The lease is subject to acceptance of your application by the agency.

Should you decide not to sign the lease once it has been established and sent to you, an amount of CHF 250.– inclusive of VAT will be charged for administrative expenses.

The lease shall only be deemed enforceable once it is signed by both the tenant and the landlord or the latter’s agent.

The applicant/s hereby certifies that all the information above is accurate and truthful, and that none of it is likely to mislead the landlord or the latter’s agent.


rental application



  • Surface: ~15 m2
  • Furnished
  • TV + radio plug
  • Internet (RJ45 socket)
  • Shared kitchen
  • Bike parking space
  • Rent

  • Net rent: CHF 560.- or 590.- / month
  • Utilities: CHF 102.- / month
  • Mandatory insurance : CHF 20.- / month
  • Guarantee: 3 times the net rent
  • Minimum lease contract is 1 year


  • Surface: ~19-20 m2
  • Cellar: ~2 ,2
  • Furnished
  • TV + radio plug
  • Private kitchen
  • Bike parking space
  • Rent

  • Net rent: CHF 640.- or 690.- / month
  • Utilities: CHF 117.- / month
  • Mandatory insurance : CHF 20.- / month
  • Guarantee: 3 times the net rent
  • Minimum lease contract is 1 year


  • 7 x 2.5 rooms' furnished apartment
  • 1 x 3.5 rooms' furnished apartment
  • 7 x 4.5 rooms' furnished apartment
  • Equipped kitchen
  • Balcony or terrace
  • Bike parking space
  • Rent

  • Net rent 2.5 rooms : from CHF 1'240.- / month
  • Net rent 3.5 rooms : from CHF 1'600.- / month
  • Net rent 4.5 rooms : from CHF 1'650.- / month
  • Minimum lease contract is 1 year