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Question 1: What is the EPFL student number or application number requested in the application form?

Answer 1: When you start your application process on the EPFL website, you receive automatically a number starting with BA (for Bachelors) or MA (for Masters) followed by numbers. This is the number you need to inform here.

Question 2: Can I make an application at Les Estudiantines even if I am not yet admitted at EPFL/UNIL?

Answer 2: Yes. You do not need to have your admission in order to apply in a student hall.

Attention: An application in Les Estudiantines will not guarantee you a room.


Question 3: Can I apply for a room if I do not have my residency permit yet?

Answer 3: The residency permit is not mandatory for the application. Students without residency permit can apply for a room with Les Estudiantines by sending a copy of their passport.


Question 4: I do not have the Debt Collection Office document (Attestation de l’Office des poursuites). What is it and who is it for ?

Answer 4: The Debt Collection Office document (Attestation de l'Office des Poursuites) is only asked from students and/or parents living already in Switzerland. This document has to be asked from the resident’s commune in Switzerland. Foreigners, whom parents live abroad as well, do not need to provide this document.


Question 5: I do not have my EPFL matriculation number yet. Can I still apply?

Answer 5: Yes. Your EPFL pré-admission letter or email is enough for your application.


Question 6: When is it possible to apply for being on Les Estudiantines’ waiting list?

Answer 6:

Generally the inscriptions for the waiting list are open during 1 week.

The waiting list is renewed twice a year. So, the previous list is deleted when registrations for the new one starts.


Question 7: Will the application made for the autumn semester be automatically renewed for the spring semester of the following year ?

Answer 7: Please read answer 5 above


Question 8: What is the minimum length of a lease at Les Estudiantines?

Answer 8: The lease is established for a 5 year length but can be cancelled after the first year rental. The cancellation notice is 1 month for the end of the following month.


Question 9: Is it possible to visit the rooms/apartments ?

Answer 9: The rooms/apartments being all rented out, it is not possible to visit them. You can find some pictures on our website in order to give you an idea of the insides.


Question 10: I am a PhD student but I do not have my 3 last salary slips yet. Can I send the copy of my EPFL working contract instead ?

Answer 10: Yes. The EPFL PhD working contract is enough in order to apply for an apartment with Les Estudiantines.


Question 11 : What are the steps to follow in case of an early termination?

Answer 11:

  • In order to terminate your lease contract, you have to send a record termination letter to your lessor. Please, mind the time notice of your contract.

  • A candidate must be presented by the leaving tenant (if it terminates outside the legal deadlines, i.e February 28 and August 31 of each year)

  • The new candidate must have no certainty about the acceptance of his/her application. As waiting lists are open, the agency has the right to refuse a candidate for another person registered on this list. The latter being a priority.

  • Attendance at the exit inspection is MANDATORY. In case of incapacity for the tenant to be present, he/she will provide a written proxy to another person.

  • The apartment must be returned CLEAN and in a GOOD CONDITION.

  • Even if the tenant has no information on the re-rental of his/her housing, it must be CLEAN and in GOOD CONDITION for the exit inspection date.

  • The rental guarantee and security deposit are refunded/returned within approximately 3 months. It is therefore CAPITAL that the tenant does not close his/her Swiss bank account before receiving the money in return. No exception is possible. It goes without saying that in case of damage caused by the tenant, the cost of repairs will be deducted from the rental guarantee and/or security deposit.


Question 12: What will happen after being contacted by the agency regarding the allocation of a housing at the Estudiantines?

Answer 12:

  • After being contacted by the agency, the new tenant must wait to receive the lease. The latter is mailed to the home address of the lessee, as a general rule and if no exception applies.

  • The waiting time to receive a new lease agreement can vary from 7 to 10 days depending on the period. We therefore kindly ask you to have a maximum patience.

  • The mention (+ 2M) after the name of the student simply means that he/she is the sole responsible of the lease and he/she must provide the agency an additional two months rent.

  • The lease must be signed by all parties before being returned to the agency. Once the lease has been signed by the agency, the new tenant must:

  1. Make the first month rent payment.

  2. Make the payment of the security deposit (only if the lease is in the name of the student)

  3. Organize the deposit with a Swiss bank or with Firstcaution or Swisscaution.