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The Cooperative Les Estudiantines has concluded a contract for accessing the internet with a service provider. Every tenant of the apartments of the Cooperative benefits from an access to the internet, whereby the cost is incorporated in the all-inclusive charges. It is here reminded, that every tenant is obliged to respect certain rules.

The tenants commit themselves not to consult, store or spread documents, which violate the dignity of a person, manifest a pornographic character, incite to racial hatred, constitute a justification for crime or for violence (refer to the penal code, art. 173, 197, 261). The tenants commit themselves not to spread information belonging to third parties without their express authorisation (refer to the Swiss copyright law of July 1, 1993) and, in every case to mention the sources in case of the utilisation of information of third parties.

The pirating of software is prohibited. In case of non-respect of these rules, the Cooperative Les Estudiantines will under no circumstances be held responsible and solely the tenant will be obliged to answer to justice for his actions. Cooperative